Harajuku Lovers

HarajukuIf you are looking for something different in kid's wear, you should go to Harajuku Lovers, one of line space of clothing by Gwen Stefani for the men, the women and the children who have “an attraction mortal with the kindness”.

The collection is strongly influenced by the music of Stefani and the modern Japanese culture, in particular the zone of Harajuku of Tokyo which is preferred trail for the artists, the fashionistas and the hippies Japanese. Shopping at Harajuku-lovers.com is not certainly your standard experiment of purchases.
You and your trusty mouse "prowl the streets of Harajuku" with the princess of cool, Gwen Stefani with the research of the clothing and the accessories of hip. To catch the subway of Tokyo, to review the stores, to listen to brilliant music, to trail with Gwen and her Japanese friends and to take some completely fresh clothing.

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