Takeshita Dori

HarajukuTakeshita Street (Takeshita dori) is no doubt identified as the principal place of Harajuku and Harajuku's main attraction. This symbol of Harajuku and birthplace of much of the mode of Japan tends is narrow, busy, pedestrian-only, a street of roughly 400 meters length striped by stores, shops, cafes and fast food restaurants which target market is the teenagers of Tokyo.

Once exiting the Harajuku station. Parallel and across the street you can find the Takeshita Dori. Filled with shops for Youth including Gothic supplies, Band Shirts, miscellaneous character items and idol goods popular among teens.

Here you can find some of Japan and mainly Tokyo's up and coming Gothic type of Teen Fashion. The stores on Takeshita Street include the principal chains such as the body shop, but the majority of the companies are the small independent stores which carry a choice of models. The stores on this street are often a bellwether for broader fads, and some are known as "antenna shops," which manufacturers seed with prototypes for test-marketing.

The street (alley is a better word, as no cars are allowed down this long narrow road) for the younger generation, used to be a quiet humble place about 20 years ago. But nowadays Takeshita Street was a reliable place to go and purchase fake Japanese and American street brand goods from the early nineties to 2004.

Since 2004, a stronger metropolitan government stance on counterfeit merchandise has led to a decrease of such items being available to the public. Placed directly through the exit of the station of JR Harajuku, Takeshita street is very popular for young teenagers, who usually visiting Tokyo for the School trip, or for local young people who want to buy small “nice” goods at the weekends.

This street is always crowded by many young people including the students of excursion school all over Japan. We can feel the bottomless positive power among the disorderliness when we walk by this Takeshita street. Harajuku is the powerful sector which has brought delivered huge amount of uniqe prevalence one after another while charming teenagers for the target. This area is a window shopper's paradise.

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